International Services

While there are many steps in transporting your pet domestically, relocating internationally adds an additional level of complexity. Each country has their own requirements for pet importation, determined by the Minister of Agriculture of the country. Some countries require a lengthy quarantine, others have more rigid standards and some only accept pets at certain airports within that country. The most important thing to remember is, just like human travel, pets also need additional documentation in order to enter its desired country. Each country is different, and they all require their own documentation when accepting pets.

When you contract with Delta Pet you are assigned a Pet Relocation Specialist familiar with the full spectrum of regulations and legal requirements particular to every animal, destination and airline. We also make it our business to stay up-to-date with any possible changes in those requirements. An Delta Pet Specialist knows the safest and most efficient process to ship and receive your pet at its destination. They will work with your relocation schedule to ensure as sooth a move as possible and to arrange the fastest, most direct flight for your pet.

Delta Pet Transit will handle all of the following:

  • Prearrange all necessary flights, ensuring a direct connection when possible. Work with your schedule as much as possible
  • Make sure that all necessary shots are current and that all paperwork is in place.
  • Make sure all international requirements are met including import permits.
  • Coordinate your pet’s trip to ensure that you are informed of any requirements for quarantine of your pet or requirements for getting your pet through customs.
  • Pick up your pet at your house and deliver him to the airport.
  • Meet your pet at the destination airport and deliver your pet to your home.
  • Arrange for kenneling on either end if necessary.
  • Provide assembled travel kennels and/or extenders for Extra large and Giant crates and custom crates to ensure your pet’s comfort.
  • Keep in contact with you during your pets move and to answer all questions you may have

  • Contact us today to receive a no obligation estimate to relocate your pet to its international destination.